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How to Remove ‘SmartDD’ App Browser Hijacker – Security Tips


SmartDD App browser hijacker has a tendency to promote the address of a fake search engine (tailsearch.com) by altering your default internet browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) settings. 

Because of dubious methods used for the distribution, the SmartDD App is also called potentially unwanted application or PUA in short. Once this browser hijacking application gets installed, it starts redirecting user web searches to various scam/ shady/ third-party websites that contain ads or sponsored links. When the user clicks on such malicious ads and pop-ups, the developers behind this browser hijacker get paid.

Keep reading this article to learn how to get rid of the SmartDD App browser hijacker and restore your original browser settings. 

SmartDD App Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

The professional cybersecurity specialists have determined that this is a browser hijacking application which silently penetrates the targeted computer systems without users’ approval and then makes several unwanted modifications in the default web browser settings.

After installation, this hijacker replaces the existing homepage, new tab, and search engine of your browser with its own web searching tool (tailsearch.com). These modifications to the browser settings may appear minor, yet they seriously affect the internet surfing experience.

Apart from redirecting user search queries to deceptive, misleading, or harmful web pages, browser hijackers like SmartDD App are also capable of tracking users’ online habits and collect web browsing information like visited URLs, search queries, IP address, and personally identifiable details.

Common Symptoms of SmartDD App Browser Hijacker

If your web browser has been hijacked by this pesky browser hijacker, then you may encounter some of the below-mentioned symptoms or signs on your PC. 

  • Default web browser settings are changed without your permission.
  • Search queries typed into the URL bar are redirecting to the advertisement-related websites.
  • Unwanted web browser toolbars or extensions are getting installed without your approval. 
  • Your browser is generating deceptive and misleading results.
  • Search engine results are filled with sponsored links and pop-up ads.

How to Remove SmartDD App Browser Hijacker from PC?

The manual removal process is a time-consuming, complicated, and pesky affair. Therefore, we recommend using professional automatic malware removal (anti-malware) tools to quickly and easily remove this browser hijacker and revert changes made to your web browser settings.

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