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How to Remove ‘Stepik’ Ransomware from PC – Security Tips


Stepik ransomware is a dangerous file-locking virus that has been developed with a sole motive to make illegal money through monetization of innocent users.

Once this dubious piece of software gets installed successfully onto the targeted computers, it encrypts all the important as well as personal files using strong cryptography algorithms (symmetric or asymmetric) and then compels victims to make ransom payment for the decryption. 

Follow this guide to the end to learn how to remove Stepik ransomware virus from your computer and get back your files without paying a single penny to the crooks. 

What is Stepik Ransomware?

Stepik is a piece of malicious program categorized as ransomware. Alike other ransomware variants, the Stepik virus locks or encrypts all user files (photos, audios, videos, databases, documents, backups, etc.) that are placed on the infected Windows computer by using powerful AES and RSA cryptographic algorithms. 

The affected files are appended with the “.penciilcry” extension after successful encryption. For instance, a file originally titled “myphoto.png” would appear as “myphoto.png.penciilcry”, “myfile.docx” as “myfile.docx.penciilcry”, “myvideo.mp4” as “myvideo.mp4.penciilcry”, and so on.

After making your files totally unusable and inaccessible, it creates a text file titled “RESTORE_FILES_INFO.txt” as its ransom note and places it into each and every folder that contains compromised files. The text within the ransom note states to victims that all their files have been encrypted and in order to restore access to files they need to purchase a private decryption key. To get such a key and receive payment instructions, victims can contact the Stepik ransomware authors via the provided email address.

How Does Stepik Ransomware Infect Your Computer?

Some of the common ways through which Stepik makes entry to the targeted system are as follows:

  • Spam email attachments  
  • Malicious ads 
  • Pirated or cracked software 
  • Fraudulent software updaters
  • Free file hosting sites
  • Suspicious sites like pornography, adult dating, etc.

How to Remove Stepik Ransomware from PC?

There are mainly two methods that you can use to delete this ransomware virus i.e., manual and automatic method. If you’re not a computer geek, we recommend you proceed with the automatic solution. This method of ransomware removal only requires you to scan your computer with a potent anti-malware software. 

After completely removing the ransomware infection, you can use a professional data recovery software to get back your files. 

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