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How to Remove ‘Top Movies Links’ Browser Hijacker


The cyber security specialists have determined that the Top Movies Links browser hijacker is designed and created by cybercriminals in order to change the default settings of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other popular web-browsers to promote the address of a fake search engine without the knowledge of the user. Top Movies Links is the name of a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that has been classified as a browser hijacker or redirect virus. The fake search engine usually shows inaccurate results and redirects users to various advertising and scam sites. 

The end goal of developers behind the browser hijacker infections is to make an illegal profit by redirecting web traffic to malicious or affiliated sites.

Like many unfortunate users, if you’re a victim of Top Movies Links hijacker, you may follow our guide to remove this nasty redirect virus from your computer.

Top Movies Links Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

Top Movies Links is a dangerous computer infection that belongs to the group of browser hijackers. It operates by making several unwanted changes to the default search engine, new tab, and homepage settings to promote an address of a specific fake search engine.

Usually, the fake search engines promoted by Top Movies Links and other similar rogue applications cannot generate results. Due to this reason, they take the help of others and redirect the user search queries to bing.com, search.yahoo.com, nearbyme.io, and possibly other legitimate search engine addresses.

Common Symptoms of Top Movies Links Browser Hijacker

If you come across any of the following symptoms or indicators on your computer, it may conclude that Top Movies Links has hijacked your web browser. 

  • Changes in the browser settings without your knowledge and approval.
  • Unnecessary pop-up ads and banners appearing on your screen in bulk.
  • Redirection to unfamiliar websites automatically by the browser without your will.
  • Automatic downloading and installation of unwanted hazardous applications on your device.

How to Remove Top Movies Links Browser Hijacker?

If you are thinking of removing this hijacker manually from your PC, it is going to be a very time-consuming task, and also any error in the manual process might lead to some serious problems on your device. Therefore, you are advised to use reliable anti-malware software for the safe removal of this particular browser hijacker from your PC.

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