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Tips to Remove ‘Pizzaday.xyz’ Pop-up Ads from PC


Pizzaday.xyz pop-up ads that cause unwanted interruption while surfing the web are the result of dubious and potentially dangerous domains. Sharing many similarities with Specific-message.xyzRed-eye-tube.coSummermedia.xyz, and thousands of others, Pizzaday.xyz is a rogue website. This shady domain might start popping up on your Internet browser from time to time and prompting you to subscribe to its push notifications service.

Typically, the push notifications feature is used by website developers to inform users about recently published posts, breaking news, and other important updates. However, many internet scammers are abusing this legit service to evade protection against pop-ups in the web browser so that they can send out lots of unwanted advertisements directly to the desktop. 

If you are also seeing undesired Pizzaday.xyz pop-ups and notifications on your computer then this tutorial can help you get rid of them safely.

What are Pizzaday.xyz pop-up ads?

Pizzaday.xyz is a push notification virus website which attempts to gather as many subscribers as possible. This site operates by deceiving innocent people into accepting its notifications. It uses fake CAPTCHA verification, clickbait, and other deceptive techniques to trick unsuspecting visitors into clicking the ‘Allow’ button on the ‘Show Notifications’ dialog box displayed on its platform. Once clicked, the Pizzaday.xyz website starts displaying an excessive amount of advertisements in the form of popups in the bottom right corner of your screen.

These Pizzaday.xyz pop-up ads and notifications allow the website creators to get more clicks and reroute traffic to affiliated pages which leads to a significant increase in their revenues. 

It’s worthwhile to mention that users typically access ad and scam sites of this kind unintentionally. Most get redirected to them because of the adware infection, potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), or other rogue pages. 

How to Remove Pizzaday.xyz Pop-up Ads from PC?

You can remove the Pizzaday.xyz pop-ups and notifications from your computer using the Google Chrome browser settings. Here are the steps you need to perform for the same. 

  • Copy and paste the following path in the new URL tab of your Chrome browser and press Enter. 
  • chrome://settings/content/notifications
  • Now, find the Pizzaday.xyz URL and click the three vertical dots button beside it. After that, simply tap on the ‘Remove’ option.

Following the successful implementation of the steps shared above, run a full system scan with a strong anti-malware utility to remove all the remaining PUAs and malware infections.

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