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Tips to Remove ‘SportSearchly’ Browser Hijacker from your computer


SportSearchly browser hijacker is an application designed by fraudsters to promote an address of a fake search engine, namely sportsearchly.com. It operates by making several unwanted modifications in your default web browser’s settings. Software applications within this classification are also considered to be PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) because of questionable distribution techniques that lead to their stealthy download/ installation.

The main purpose of the fake search engine sportsearchly.com is to show irrelevant search results to make users visit affiliated pages and generate pay-per-click revenue for its developer. 

If you don’t know how to prevent sportsearchly.com fake search engine from causing constant redirects to the unfamiliar advertisement-related pages, don’t worry, you have arrived at the right place.

In this post, we will discuss how you can remove SportSearchly browser hijacker from your computer and restore the original web browser settings.

SportSearchly Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

According to cyber security researchers, SportSearchly is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) which falls under the category of browser hijackers. Soon after infiltration, this browser-hijacking application promotes a fake search engine URL (sportsearchly.com) by making several unwanted changes into the web browsers’ settings such as an address of default search engine, new tab URL, and homepage.

Usually, the search results generated by sportsearchly.com fake web searcher are filled with numerous intrusive advertisements or sponsored links which in turn promote fake updates, suspicious browser plugins, adware bundles, and so on.

Furthermore, applications of this type also possess the ability to track data. The SportSearchly hijacker can collect your login credentials, geolocation, IP address, entered search queries/terms, web browser version, credit card information, and so on. These collected details can be used to display personalized ads or sold to potent crooks.

Common Symptoms of SportSearchly Browser Hijacker

Below is the list of symptoms or signs that can reflect the presence of SportSearchly browser hijacker on your computer.

  • Web browser settings of Chrome, Firefox, and other installed browsers are being altered without your consent.
  • Browser is frequently causing redirects to various dubious pages.
  • Search results are filled with lots of pop-up advertisements and various other commercials.
  • Unwanted programs are being installed without your approval.

How to Remove SportSearchly Browser Hijacker from PC?

The best and most convenient way to remove this particular browser hijacker and restore your original web browser setting is to perform an in-depth scan of your computer system with a powerful and reliable anti-malware software.

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