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How to Remove ‘Shop-Shop’ Browser Hijacker – Privacy Tips


Shop-Shop browser hijacker is an unwanted browser extension or rough application. In most cases, users end up downloading and installing this kind of rough application by visiting shady/scam websites, clicking deceptive advertisements, or by other PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) already installed in your system.

Shop-Shop hijacker-type malware is created by threat actors to promote the address of some fake search engines by modifying the default browser’s settings without users’ knowledge or approval. 

If you want to get rid of this notorious browser hijacker virus and restore your original browser settings, then follow our guide carefully to the end.

Shop-Shop Browser Hijacker: Everything You Need to Know

Shop-Shop, Treat yo’ self and Search” is the name of a browser hijacking application which upon intruding the security vulnerable systems, alters the settings of your web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and other web-browsers) without consent to promote a bogus search engine. It has the main intention to display sponsored search results and undesired third-party advertisements (e.g., pop-ups, banners, coupons, vouchers, surveys, push notifications, and other similar ads) on the victimized machine.

This browser hijacking application is also designed to track users’ web browsing activities and collect personal information like browsing history, login credentials, IP address, viewed pages, bank account details, and more. This gathered information could be shared with and/or sold to other potent cyber crooks and third-party advertisers/ to generate some income from them. 

Common Symptoms of Shop-Shop Browser Hijacker

If any of the below-mentioned warning signs or symptoms match your experience, browser hijacker or redirect virus may well have compromised your computer’s security.

  • Homepage, new tab, and default search engine are replaced by some fake search engine address. 
  • Search queries are frequently getting redirected to unofficial/unsafe websites.
  • Lots of malicious advertisements in the form of pop ups keep appearing in the search results.
  • Your computer’s operating system automatically starts installing unwanted browser add-ons. 

How to Remove Shop-Shop Browser Hijacker from PC?

The safest and the most convenient method of removing browser hijacker infections like Shop-Shop is to run an automatic scan with a powerful anti-malware program.

Automated malware removal tools not only help save a great deal of time and effort but also ensures complete and hassle-free removal of all kinds of malware infections. 

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