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What is a TIBS Dialer? Prevention and Protections Tips

TIBS dialer

The TIBS Dialer is a harmful PC threat that is specifically designed to alter the dial-up connection settings of your Modem. Cybercriminals use various techniques to spread TIBS Dialer malware, it may infiltrate your device via spam email attachments, internet spectrum, or as bundles packaged with the software download. 

It works in the background of your device without your consent and takes full control of the working of your modem. Once it had full control of the modem it dials expensive international numbers to access pornographic content on paid websites. More than affecting the overall performance of your device it burns a hole in your pocket with enormous telephonic bills. Calls that you were not even aware of. 

How Does A TIBS Dialer Malware work? 

The underlying aim of this destructive malware is to take full control of your modem. Apart from this it also floods your computer screen with annoying ads and makes numerous calls to access paid pornographic websites. 

To avoid detection it works in the background of your device and makes regular attempts to access paid websites.

How Does TIBS Dialer Malware infect your device?

Here are some common methods used to infect your computer system. 

  • It uses spam email attachments to infect computer systems.
  • Visiting suspicious websites and downloading applications from third-party sources. 
  • Downloading freeware like music files, videos, etc.
  • A weak antivirus program may fail to block TIBS Dialer malware. 
  • Use of portable USB devices.
  • Connecting multiple devices to one LAN connection may also result in a compromised system.

Symptoms Of TIBS Dialer Malware? 

A TIBS Dialer malware not only affects your system performance and speed but can also result in various abnormalities. It may fill your computer screen with annoying ads and may also create unidentified shortcuts on the desktop. In addition to this you may also notice: 

  • Numerous Downloads: You may encounter unwanted downloads happening on your PC.
  • Multiple connections will be seen on your device.
  • In addition to this, you may also notice that the Uninstall button fails to work when you try to uninstall the corrupted connection.

Prevention & Protection Tips

Here are some prevention tips that will keep you guarded against TIBS Dialer.

  • Use a strong Antivirus and Anti-malware program.
  • Avoid opening suspicious emails with attachments. 
  • Only use official sites for downloading software. 
  • Do not click on unidentified ads that appear from nowhere. You can also use an Ad-Blocker software for this.
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